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SAVING CHILDREN to LIVE NORMAL LIVES... Mr. Alvin Murriel, Mr. Willy Arguelles and Mr. Henry Lim were typical breadwinners who were busy attending to their respective businesses to support their families. Because of the economic woes in 1999, these Manila-based professionals had to work doubly hard to provide the needs of their children and send them to good schools. But it took a child’s cry for help for them to change their outlook and realize one of life’s valuable lessons; “the joy of helping others.” On New Year’s Day in 1999, an article was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) about three-year-old Baguio baby girl Danica Jimeno who needed immediate surgery to close a hole in her heart. The picture and story of a thin, baby pleading for a normal life had touched them as well as other Filipinos here and abroad. Mr. Alvin Murriel and is wife decided to donate one tenth of their earnings to the girl’s operation. Mr. Willy Arguelles cancelled his meetings with clients in Manila and drove to the country’s summer capital to visit Danica, who was then confined in a hospital. He offered to take Danica and her parents to the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) in Manila for check-up. Mr. Henry Lim, on the other hand, personally gave some cash through the PDI Northern Luzon Bureau office in Baguio City to help finance the girl’s medical bills. Generous souls from United States likewise sent toys, blankets, cards, chocolates and checks to Danica. The response was beyond the expectation of the Jimeno family.  At the Philippine Heart Center, Danica was diagnosed to have Congenital Heart Disease – Atrioventricular Septal Defect with Pulmonary Hypertension. Cardiac catheterization was done and recommendation was to do Open Heart Surgery. Willy, Alvin, and Henry, together with the PDI then continued to publish pleas for financial support.
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